What diet increases chances of diabetes

By | July 5, 2020

what diet increases chances of diabetes

Globally, type 2 diabetes mellitus T2DM is considered as one of the most common diseases. The etiology of T2DM is complex and is associated with irreversible risk factors such as age, genetic, race, and ethnicity and reversible factors such as diet, physical activity and smoking. Dietary habits and sedentary lifestyle are the major factors for rapidly rising incidence of DM among developing countries. In type 2 diabetics, recently, elevated HbA1c level has also been considered as one of the leading risk factors for developing microvascular and macrovascular complications. Improvement in the elevated HbA1c level can be achieved through diet management; thus, the patients could be prevented from developing the diabetes complications. Awareness about diabetes complications and consequent improvement in dietary knowledge, attitude, and practices lead to better control of the disease. The stakeholders health-care providers, health facilities, agencies involved in diabetes care, etc.

The key to prevention can be boiled down to five words: Stay lean and stay active. A test result between 5. The key is moderation. But most cases of type 2 diabetes are preventable and some can even be reversed. This figure is expected to rise to million 9. Note: Content may be edited for style and length. When the researchers adjusted for body mass index BMI, the association between soft drinks and diabetes risk decreased. People who have diabetes are at greater risk for heart disease and stroke. Combined effect of alcohol consumption and lifestyle behaviors on risk of type 2 diabetes. World Health Organization; Having to refer to GI tables makes eating unnecessarily complicated. Acupressure is a type of traditional Chinese medicine that’s believed to be effective for gas, bloating, and stomach pain, among other conditions

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