Vegan diet and sibo

By | January 9, 2021

vegan diet and sibo

I was a young student in college when I first decided not to eat any animal products. This impulse came from a well-intentioned place — I had educated myself on factory farming, CAFOS or concentrated animal feeding operations, where animals live in deplorable conditions, and the damage that eating animals causes our health and environment. Back then, I thought I knew it all. I was going to tell anyone who would listen about how being a vegan was better than what they were doing. I was enlightened. Or so I thought. Little did I know that my new diet was slowly chipping away at my youthful energy and taken-for-granted health. But I look back on my youthful attitude now as egotistical and elitist. We are all on our own journeys and we should honor each other. The turning point in my life coincided with the beginning of my study of functional medicine.

How have things been going? Have you been able to heal on a mostly plant-based diet? On my healing journey, I have always looked the other way, avoiding anything related to the meat and dairy industries because I felt cornered. Eating meat, fish, and fats are the way you survive and feel fewer and fewer symptoms. Not true for everyone, but most in my experiences. During this time — these past few months, I made the commitment to purchasing our meat from one, trusted source. It was my way of justifying while symptoms persisted. The way I have distinguished between the two is that healing is an entire process — a journey — sometimes taking months, years, or even decades whereas a symptom is just a bump along the road. What I have concluded is that Click HERE to save this post for later.

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