Salt craving on keto diet

By | April 30, 2021

salt craving on keto diet

The ketogenic diet is growing in popularity these days, due to perceived benefits of weight loss, nutrient density and mental clarity. Commonly overlooked with this diet, however, is the resulting need for increased sodium consumption. Thus, when it comes to something like blood pressure, the total amount of sodium you consume matters less than the amount of sodium relative to potassium. This same ratio-based lens is necessary when analyzing the effects of a ketogenic diet on the body. In this blog post, we discuss the ways a ketogenic diet affects electrolyte levels, as well as steps you can take to avoid hampering your success with the diet if you decide this is the nutritional path for you. Put simply, the ketogenic diet involves extreme restriction of carbohydrates and protein, so that the majority of calories consumed come from fats. Adherents are fond of coconut oil, fatty cuts of meat, avocadoes, nuts, and other fat-heavy plant sources such as olive oil.

Salt is a topic we ketonians discuss quite frequently. Up until now, everything you have been eating on a Standard Western Diet has been salted out of existence. Did you eat takeaway food? Did you eat sweet cereal? Did you live on energy drinks or sodas? After being told for so many years by the non-keto world that we need to reduce our salt intake, to be careful how much salt we use, and being scared out of our minds by advertising and doctors about the role of salt in heart disease, kidney failure and other horrible sounding things, we need to readjust the way we think about and consume salt. If we were still eating all the carbage and fortified food, junk that is deliberately stuffed full of salt and a bunch of other minerals and vitamins, then consuming too much salt can become an issue. High carbohydrate consumption causes the body to retain water and salt. Our kidneys and bowel will expel the excess salt, along with fluid- which is where risk of dehydration comes in if people intake too much salt without enough water. If we are fat-fueling our bodies, then our body will not hold onto excess sodium.

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