Keto diet lettuce wraps

By | March 12, 2021

keto diet lettuce wraps

These Keto Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps are the perfect one pan, 30 minute meal under 4 net carbs per serving! They are so simple, super refreshing and just perfect for a low carb dinner. Believe me, I get it. Cheese and eggs are simply keto staples and it can be tricky to find a recipe that skips them. However, this is the perfect alternative! This recipe is made in two simple steps. The first is cooking chopped chicken, bell pepper and garlic in a skillet. When the chicken is cooked through and the peppers are tender you add a small amount of chicken broth to the pan and scrape the bottom to deglaze the pan. This ensures all of that good flavor is released from the pan and your chicken is moist. The second step is combining soy sauce, water, rice vinegar, sesame oil, swerve and peanut butter in a small bowl and whisk until smooth.

Nothing beats a delicious wrap when you are in a hurry and need to grab a quick bite. These Keto Lettuce Wraps are the reinvented version of a classic burrito-style roll, without the carbs but loaded with flavor and crunchy textures. They can be easily customized to suit your taste, just swap the type of cheese and deli meat, as long as you go for the low carb or carb-free version. They make a perfect light lunch or an afternoon snack, and they are also the perfect party or pick-nick food! Log into your account. Password recovery. Covid Stats. Keto Tips. The main idea of the Keto diet is dropping your total daily carbs and relying on fat for getting calories. Keto has been proven to Keto Recipes.

Thank you! Check your email for a confirmation link. Add lifemadesweeter gmail. Once you confirm, you’ll receive a link to download the printable! We receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using our links. Learn how to make low carb wraps using lettuce instead of bread for the perfect healthy keto sandwich. Lettuce wraps are one of our favorite easy low carb lunches to make during the week. Lettuce leaves are cool, crispy and the perfect Whole30, keto and paleo alternative in place of bread. The great thing about lettuce wraps is that you can use customize them with whatever you have in your pantry or fridge. I like to use green leaf or romaine lettuce since I like how pliable they are but iceberg lettuce works great if you prefer your lettuce sandwiches with a crunch.

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