Is diet coke as bad as meth

By | February 18, 2021

is diet coke as bad as meth

Remember that year-old who lost her teeth due to a nasty diet soda problem? Now it’s official: drinking diet soda on the regular can wreck your teeth just as badly as a meth or cocaine addiction. Isn’t that lovely. A new study published in General Dentistry examined some pretty jaw-dropping case studies of men and women who consumed as much as 2 liters of diet soda per day for three to five years. From Health Newsday because we can’t make this stuff up : “In [Dr. Mohamed Bassiouny’s] study, he found that a woman in her 30s who drank 2 liters of diet soda daily for three to five years experienced tooth rot and decay remarkably similar to that suffered by a year-old methamphetamine addict and a year-old habitual crack cocaine user. Bassiouny concluded in the study that it was the acid found in diet soda that wreaked the most havoc on teeth. Of course, the American Beverage Association released a statement in response to the study, saying the the evidence doesn’t stack up. Search Term.

Call for an Appointment Boston: March 6, Health Basics Fiorillo Dental. Between the crack of the bottle cap, the bubbly fizz, the first refreshing sip, and zero calories to boot—diet soda can be totally addicting. But is it possible to enjoy this delight without any side effects? We are concerned about our weight, so we switched to the no calorie diet soda, but it is so highly acidic that it can cause severe tooth erosion and oral damage! This specific study examined two males one a year-old meth addict, the other a year-old cocaine addict and one female a year-old diet soda addict none of whom had been to the dentist in years. The goal of the study was to find out exactly what the link is between hard drugs and diet soda in relation to its effect on their individual oral health. Both the drug users and the soda addict were found to have rotting teeth and decay, and the younger man meth user suffered severe dry mouth from the drugs. The teeth were soft and discolored. Make sure you schedule regular appointments, and severely limit your soda diet or otherwise intake. Here at Fiorillo Dental, we work diligently to protect our patient’s rights and privacy.

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Diet coke bad as as meth is

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