Hummus on a vegan diet

By | August 26, 2020

hummus on a vegan diet

When you go vegan, learning what staple foods go well with your diet is essential to maintaining a nutritionally-balanced diet. Hummus is one vegan staple that allows some versatility in your diet that is healthy for you. Here are just a few reasons why vegans love hummus and you may too. Hummus is cheap and easy to make at home. If you’ve got some garlic, a blender and a can of chickpeas or any kind of white beans, really you’re halfway there. What’s more, it is readily available in most grocery stores, in a variety of flavors, and comparatively speaking, is very reasonably priced in most cases. Hummus is not only mobile, it’s convenient. You can eat hummus on the run, and it doesn’t necessarily need refrigeration. Many a vegan road trip has been sustained by veggies, pita bread and hummus picked up in Mayberry towns across the midwest where little else may exist that’s vegan. Also, you can turn it into a vegetarian sandwich or wrap pretty easily.

I have it every day with my smoothie. There are so many recipes in which we will just add a cup or two of chickpeas. Get your favorite articles delivered right to your inbox! Cuisine Vegan. Let me count the ways. And on and on and on All of the ingredients have good nutritional density, meaning that there are few wasted calories and lots of good macro- and micro-nutrients.

On a vegan diet hummus idea useful

Hummus comes in a variety of different flavors! That sounds like one seriously legit diet. A whopping 20 days. These vegan are mouth-watering! Cut off the tops of cherry tomatoes, scoop out the seeds, then use a piping bag to fill each one with hummus. Though Ln may love avocado toast more :p I had no idea nutritional yeast had that hummus protein! And of course, you can eat hummus with a spoon.

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