Can the keto diet interfere with menstruation

By | October 9, 2020

can the keto diet interfere with menstruation

Although many believe that the keto diet can improve cholesterol levels and induce weight loss, the lack of carbs and calories encouraged on this diet plan can have major impacts on the body. To see how else the keto diet can affect your period, we spoke to experts on the subject to help you understand what kind of impacts the low-carb and high-fat eating plan can have on your body. Below are some crucial points they recommend keeping in mind. Keto is, after all, a low-carb high-fat diet, he said, and it has raised concerns with regards to ovulation and menstruation. As many people use keto diets to lose weight, she explained that they often experience both a drastic drop in carbohydrates and calories. This explains why some people report that their periods stop once they embark on a keto diet, she added. As a result, she said many hormones will drop, such as leptin. Although leptin is usually involved in metabolism and appetite control, she noted that studies are showing that leptin is crucially involved in regulations of the menstrual cycle and that people need a certain amount of leptin in order to have a normal period. Roster suggested that other hormones can also drop as a result of a low-carb and low-energy diet. This includes the luteinizing hormone, a hormone which is involved in regulating the menstrual cycle, she said. Period issues are inherently connected with your health, your blood, your mental state, and more, he said.

The Keto or the Ketogenic diet is a globally trending diet which is low in carb intake, high protein based and high in fats. It basically revolves around weight loss, burning of the extra saturated fats, fat loss and reshaping the body metabolism in the long term by formation of ketone body through the process of ketosis. Despite the endless health benefits it has to offer, the Keto diet can have strange or adverse effects on some people, where people might start gaining weight instead of losing it lose weight, some people might get affected by type 2 diabetes instead of it’s prevention. Cases like these are rare and people are advised to go through an allergy test, full body checkup to find out about the potential side effects of a certain diet on the body. People with a history of chronic diseases, eating disorders etc should not follow the diet, neither for a short term nor a longer one. Some women on the Keto diet have reported irregular period cycles, amenorrhea vanishing of periods altogether, heavy or frequent periods, heavy and unusual pain before and after the cycle. All these menstrual dysfunctions are the results of the Keto diet which did not go through well. According to gynaec’s and keto experts, the most common reasons of the Keto diet interfering in the menstrual cycle and causing dysfunctions could be the following.

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You have high bad cholesterol levels. Hi Nas! If you are using a ketogenic diet for weight loss, there are a couple of things happening concurrently. It used to be all over the place! She should probably avoid intermittent fasting. Luteal phase a. Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Read our full disclosure policy here.

With a keto diet, you do not need to be starving, you just do away with carbs in your diet and force the body into ketosis after it has burnt up all its glucose stores. An increase of the male hormones affects the menstrual cycle by limiting the production of estrogen which limits ovulation. Remember: The body sees undereating as a stressor; elevated cortisol will throttle your progesterone levels, and a missed period is a red flag to evaluate and adjust your calorie intake.

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