7 day water diet

By | May 20, 2021

7 day water diet

I walked out of work with a workmate and smelt something really strong, it was some kind of spiced dish and it smelt amazing. Classic example is me going straight to vegetarianism and soon veganism after being a religious meat eater who would never touch fruits or vegetables. But by passively submitting to these feelings I felt lighter, at ease and generally in better moods. Soon we became conditioned to think we need to eat every so often. Please note, in no way is this article meant to serve as a guide or motivator for readers to start their own water fast. I felt superhuman. I was actually contemplating extending my fast by a couple of days but knew it was time to end. I was constantly hungry for the following week.

It was a brisk, autumn Sunday morning in Sydney. The sun was out and the sky was clear as I ducked off to the local supermarket. With loo roll all but gone and the pasta hard to come by, my first thought was about how much people must be eating and shitting — my second was that perhaps the stars were aligning to finally investigate extended water fasting. Tim Ferriss is also a massive advocate, then there are the likes of Gandhi, Pythagoras, the ancient Egyptian mathematicians who all delved into extended water fasting at some point throughout history. So I pulled the trigger and got the 8-day fast done. In total, no food for just shy of 8 days. Only water with some Himalayan salt throughout the day and magnesium and zinc at night details below.

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